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Texas instruments has launched three new medical development kits based on TMS320VC5505 DSP
深圳市伟莱达电子有限公司 | Date:2019/6/28 | View:881
Medical electronics manufacturers hope to significantly speed up the design of their latest devices to meet growing demand from medical suppliers for cutting-edge products that can deliver advanced features in battery-powered portable designs.
In order to accelerate and simplify the development of these portable medical devices, Texas instruments (TI) recently announced the launch of the industry's first complete signal chain and software support suite of medical development tools to meet the needs of a variety of medical diagnosis and patient monitoring applications.
These three medical development kits (MDK) are all based on TI TMS320VC5505 digital signal processor (DSP), which can be built by purchasing analog front-end (AFE) module and TMS320VC5505 DSP evaluation board (EVM), which can help manufacturers to achieve a leap-forward start in the design of industry-advanced electrocardiogram (ECG), digital stethoscope and pulsating oximeter.

Each kit provides software and hardware design tools including schematic diagrams, sample application codes, medical-specific algorithms, and related materials, which not only simplifies the design process, but also reduces the development time of customers by up to 8 months.
In addition, MDK has great flexibility to mix and match AFE with multiple processor platforms to maximize software reusability and return on investment.
In addition, the low-power technology of C5505 can also be supported by TI's rich analog products, which can provide diagnostic functions for portable medical devices, thus making them more intelligent and environmentally friendly.
With TI's advanced DSP and simulation technologies and specialized software for medical applications, the above MDK enables doctors and patients to directly benefit from terminal products with longer battery life, higher portability, and more powerful user functions (such as real-time waveform display on LCD, menu options, recording and playback, etc.).

MDK is suitable for expert feasibility assessments in laboratory and development environments, not for patient care and diagnosis.

Main characteristics and advantages of ecg MDK:

· the front-end module has a full set of analog circuits, including ADS1258 16-channel 24-bit low-power analog to digital converter (ADC), which is very suitable for ECG applications such as defibrillation protection and 4KV isolation;

· the ECG output of 12 pins is input with 10 electrodes, which improves the diagnostic analysis;

· C5505 DSP EVM is included, which can be used in a wide range of signal processing and medical algorithm implementation, such as highly flexible and configurable filtering, 12 lead computation, QRS detection, lead-break detection and real-time ECG waveform and heartbeat rate display on LCD and external PC.

The main characteristics and advantages of MDK digital stethoscope:

· front-end module has all AFE circuits, including TLV320AIC3254 low power consumption and low voltage stereo audio codec for digital stethoscope applications;

3 channel input option, two condenser (condenser), and one who has a headphone output option contact microphone I/p;

· three optional stethoscope operating modes enable the user to focus on listening to the sounds in different frequency ranges, thus improving the accuracy of diagnosis: ring mode (20Hz to 220Hz);
Diaphragm mode (50Hz to 600Hz);
Extended mode (20Hz to 2000Hz)

· includes a C5505 DSP EVM for a wide range of signal processing and volume control, audio storage/playback, and real-time audio waves and heart rates displayed on LCD and external PCS.

Main characteristics and advantages of MDK in pulsating oximeter:

· the front-end module has all AFE circuits, including DAC7573 digital-analog converter and ADS8328 (ADC), etc., which is suitable for pulse oximetry applications and can provide common signal regulation paths for red and infrared signals;

· includes C5505 DSP EVM, which can support a wide range of signal processing, oxygen content percentage calculation (0 to 100%), pulse rate display, sensor off detection, and real-time volumetry display on LCD and external PC.

Price, tools and availability:

· electrocardiogram simulation front-end module is now on the market;

· digital stethoscope analog front-end module is now on the market;

· pulsating oximeter simulation front-end module is now on the market;

·TMS320VC5505 DSP EVM is now on the market.

The complete suite includes an analog front end and C5505 EVM.
Purchase of any of the above modules will provide free implementation sample code based on C5505 platform and MDK PC application hardware and software design information.
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