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ISOCOM is a UK optolotus manufacturing expert with 25 years experience
深圳市伟莱达电子有限公司 | Date:2019/6/28 | View:906
ISOCOM has 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of optocoupler and is an expert in the manufacturing of optocoupler in the UK.
Its products not only cover the common commercial and industrial high quality optocoupler, ISOCOM also provides the optocoupler products and customized services which have been discontinued by other manufacturers, providing customers with one-stop comprehensive services.
All ISOCOM products are designed, manufactured, silk-screened, packaged, tested and inspected in the UK and sold worldwide.
ISOCOM, with its short delivery time (usually 1-2 weeks), rich product line, excellent product quality, competitive price and perfect after-sales service, has become the first choice of optol lotus root products in global manufacturing plants.
ISOCOM optocoupler products are fully compatible with AVAGO, TOSHIBA, FAIRCHILD, NEC, SHARP, VISHAY, etc., and can substitute Nippon and mimei brands.
Application: in power instrument, industrial control, frequency converter, electrical appliances, intelligent control and so on.