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WELLIDA developed a two-axis motion controller solution
深圳市伟莱达电子有限公司 | Date:2019/6/28 | View:918
The motion controller hardware consists of 32-bit embedded microprocessor, 2-axis motion control chip, 320*240 true color TFT LCD screen, 128M NandFlash, 16M ram, keyboard input, touch screen input and interface chip.
The system USES G code for programming control, can perform linear interpolation and circular interpolation, linear and S curve acceleration and deceleration, teaching programming, file and directory management, return to the origin, setting the origin, 16 output I/O, 8 input I/O.
Application: mainly used in dispensing machine, spraying machine, welding machine, cutting machine, drilling machine, tooth cutting machine, plate cutting machine, pad printing machine, winding machine, etc