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   NIKO - SEM microelectronics, founded in 1998, for domestic POWER management POWER components and analog IC design companies, main products include POWER MOSFET POWER components, linear regulator IC, switching voltage regulator IC and pulse control IC, and is widely used in motherboard, VGA card, LCD TV and LCD monitor, NB, POWER supply, Adapter, netcom products, etc.
Relying on the rich experience accumulated in the past service of power system manufacturers, niko-sem microelectronics insists on the continuous in-depth development in the field of domestic power management, continuously providing reliable power components and power management IC of domestic and foreign system manufacturers, and focusing on the realization of innovative, stable, efficient and low-cost solutions.
Thanks to the long-term efforts of niko-sem, it has become one of the few IC design companies in China with high voltage and high power components, analog control IC, high-efficiency power supply system and special semiconductor process design capability.


Main product model:

PZP003BYB    PZP103BYB     P2202CM    P3202CMG   P3203CMG   P5002CMG   P5102FM    P5103EMG   P6402FMG P6503FM
P7503BMG P8503BMG PA002FMG PA102FMG PA203EMG PB210BM   PZ2N7002M        PK615BMA PK615BM6 P0320AL
P9006EL     PA210BL    PF610BL    P06P03LCG         PA210BC    PF610BC    P2402CAG P2703BAG P4402FAG P5102FM6
P6002OAG P5803NAG P6803HAG P6803NAG PA606HAG P0303BV    P0403BV    P0403BVG P0502CV    P0603BV
P0703EV    P0803BVG P0804BVG P0903BV    P1003EVG P1004HV    P1103BVG P1203BVA P1203EV    P1203EVG
P1403EV8 P1403EVG P1503BVG P1503HV    P1503YVS P1504BVG P1504HV    P1603BV    P2003BV    P2003BVG
P2003EV    P2003EV8 P2003KV    P2003NV    P2004EV    P2103HVG P2103NVG P2402OV    P2803NVG P2804BVG
P2804NVG P2806HV    P2806BV    P3203EVG P3204HV    P3304QV    P3304EV    P3503EVG P3710AV    P4006DV
P4506BV    P5010AV    P5003QVG P5503QV    P5504EVG P5506BVG P5506HVG P5506NVG P5806NVG P6006HV
P6803HVG P7004EV    P8008HV    P8008BV    P9006EVG P9008HV    PA110BV    PA210HV   PA610NV   PB210BV
PD1503BV PD1503YVS         PF610HV    PZ0703EV PZ2003EV PZ2103NV PZ2503HV PZ2806HV PZ3304QV PZ5203QV
P1203BEA P1203BEAA         P1203EEA P2003BEA P2003EEA PD1203BEA         P0403BK    P0603BK    P0703BK    P0703EK
P0903BK    P1003BK    P1003EK    P1308AK    P1403EK    P2503NPG P5506HPG P5806NPG P0903ND5 P1803ND5
P2204ND5G        P2804ND5G        P3004ND5G        P3304MD5 PZ2804ND5         P0160AI     P0165AI     P0170AI     P0260AI     P0603BI
P2504EI     P2610AI     P2804BI     P4404EI     P9006EI     PA110BIS   P0806ATF P0910ATF P1212ATF P1308ATFG
P2503BTF P2610ATFG         P2615ATFG         P2806ATF P3506DTF P45N03LTFG       P5015ATF P6010DTFG         P6015CTFG         P9006ETF
PA610DTF PB210BTF P0550ATF P0850ATF P1350ATF P0260ATF P0460ATF P0660ATF P1060ATF P1260ATF
P1065ATF P1070ATF P0403BT    P057AAT    P0603BT    P0806AT    P0808ATG P0903BT    P0910ATG P117AAT
P1308ATG P1510ATG P1615AT    P1825AT    P2003BT    P2610ATG P2615ATG P2806AT    P3506DT    P45N03LTG
P5010AT    P50N03LTG         P6010DTG P6015AT    P0550AT    P0850AT    P1350AT    P0460AT    P0660AT    P1060AT
P0910AS    P1004BS    P1308ASG P1510ASG P2610ASG P2710AS    P2904BS    P3055LSG P3506DS    P4004ES
P5015ASG P6015AS    P6010DSG P9006ESG P0460AS    P0660AS    P0403BDG P0420AD    P0603BD    P0603BDL
P062ABD   P062ABD8 P0703ED    P082ABD8 P0803BDG P0803BD    P0804BD    P0804BD8 P0903BD    P0903BDG
P0903BDA P092ABD   P1004BD    P1203ED    P1304ED    P1402CDG P1504BDG P1504EDG P1603BD    P1604ED
P2003BDG P2003ED    P2503BDG P2504BDG P2504EDG P2610ADG P2710AD    P2804BDG P2806BD    P2904BD
P3004BD    P3055LDG P3504BD    P3506DD   P4004ED    P4404EDG P4506BD    P45N02LDG        P5002CDG P5010AD
P6004ED    P6006BD    P6010DDG P6015CDG P6015AD    P75N02LDG        P8008BD    P9006EDG PA110BD   PA610AD
P0550AD    P0260AD    P7004EM    P06P03LVG         P2804HVG PB210HV   P2003ND5G        PA610ATF P5015ATG P06P03LDG
P3003EDG PB210BD   P3055LLG P1403CV    P4404QVT P0903BEA P0903BI     P0765ATF P1260AT    P0903BDL

P5506BDG P1825AD    P5103EAG P2003EVG P6015AV    P0804BK    P1604ETF   P1212AT    P5010AS  PM514BA  PA110BDA  

 PE529BA   PEA28BA  PB554JU    PV628DA    PE616BA   PC015BD    PE5G6EA   PA410BD   PK650BA