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Micro Commercial Components(MCC) is a company specializing in the production and sales of discrete semiconductor Components(diodes and transistors).
Headquartered in Los Angeles, North America, it is one of the largest manufacturers of diodes and transistors in the asia-pacific region. More than 80% of its products are exported to North America, southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and places.
At present, our main customers include BOSE, ASUS, ARRIS, EMERSON, EverBrite, MOTOROLA, HP, NVENSYS, LEVITON, DELTA and other famous domestic and international manufacturers.
In order to further develop China''''s domestic market, and better serve customers in east and south China.
Provide better service to all customers through agents.

Produce the following series of products:
Ordinary, fast recovery and ultra-fast recovery rectifier diodes;
Various bridge rectifier;
Various schottky rectifier diodes;
Various voltage regulator diode (0.1w ~5W) series;
Various instantaneous energy voltage suppressors (300W~30KW);
Various zno varistors (plug-in series :5mm~20mm, patch series :0402~1210);
Various ordinary triode series;
Three-terminal voltage stabilizer (MC78&MC79 series);
ESD protection device (portable equipment,5V working voltage);

The product application
Green new energy
Wind turbines, new electricity meters, solar converters, network communications equipment

Computing and Peripherals computer Peripherals
Disk drives, computers and servers, printers
LED driver, LED lamp, LED ballast

The power supply
20-75w ac to dc converter, 24-60w dc dc converter, lithium charger, LCD and CRT TV power supply

Lamp rectifier
Lamp rectifier, high brightness car lamp ballast

Consumer goods and portable equipment
Audio and video equipment, PDA, telephone, GPS, set-top box, microwave oven, conference phone

Industrial application
Automatic test equipment, bar code scanner, portable recorder, RFID card reader, robot, electric vehicle