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     Yushun technology co., ltd. was established in 1990 to focus on analog IC and Discrete components: r&d, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing and marketing.
To provide customers a complete solution and price competitive advantage, the company business strategy IDM the vertical integration of resources, expecting to give customers the best choice, and create the biggest economic benefits, IDM take the initiative, from product development, design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, to brand marketing, in every key to fully grasp the ability of its own, in order to achieve security and technology independent capacity, to fully demonstrate enterprise competitiveness.

Friends shun technology with complete Analog component product line, the product is given priority to with IC (including cover Power Management, Amplifier/Comparator, Analog Switches, Hall ICs, Special Application ICs, Logic, etc.), Discrete 'complementary Transistors (including cover, MOSFETs on-resistance will, TRIACs, SCRs, DIODEs, etc.),
The main products are widely used in communication products such as mobile phones, smart phones, LNB, satellite navigation devices, wireless communication equipment;
Consumer electronic products such as MP3 and PMP, digital camera, portable device, LCD TV and panel products;
PC, such as notebook computer, monitor, keyboard, wireless mouse, motherboard, VGA card, power supply, DC FAN, Adapter, external hard disk storage equipment and computer peripheral products.




PA4819 LM4862 TA7368P LM386 PA4871 PA4990 TBA820M M4670* AN17823 TDA2003 TDA2030 TDA2030A A7240 LM1875 TDA2050 LM4811* KA8602 MC3419 MC34119 LM4880 TDA2822H TDA2822 PA4894 M2073 PA3202 PC1316 LM4663* PA3017 PA3431 PA3427 PA3428 PA4867 PA4863 TEA2025/A/D TA8227P 2206 PA3212 PA3312 PA3332 PA7522 TA8227AP TA8207K UA8229 PA5417 TDA7499 PA1517 TDA1519B TDA7266 TDA2004 PA2005 PA2009 TDA22003 TDA1519C PA2616 PA7269A PA9069A TDA7265* TDA6375 TDA7377 TDA7375 TDA7388* TDA7053A PA4838 PA7493 
PA6021 TDA7496L PA7468 PA7469 PA4835 PA3011 TDA8496 A4537* A4533 3544 S486 3541 PA2308 PA3112 L3305 U2429 U7313 
M2107 M2136 M2110 M2125 LM318 M2100 M2115 M2137 3308 3414 MC4556 MC4580 UC27L2 3422 LM358 M2904 MC34072 3404 M4565 MC4560 MC1458 MC4558 LM224 LM324 MC34074 LV721 LV821 LV321 LLV321 PA3211 OPA2336 LV358 LV324 TL062 TL072 TL082 TL064 TL074 TL084 V2463 L6132 LV2622 M2125 V2462 V2464
LM393 LM339 TS391/A/B/C LMV393 LMV339*
UM601/A UM602/A UM603/A UM604/A UM605A UM605B UM606 UM606D UM607B UM607D UM608* UM21125
UR5595 UR5596 UR5512 UR5516 UR6516B UR6515A UR6515B* UR6515C* UR6515D UR5517 UR5518 UR5516A UR5516B UR5516C UR5515 UR6512 UR6515C
L8010 L8020 L8211 L8113 L8115 L8200* L8400 L8600 L8012 L8312 UC5300 UC5301 ME7660*
UB211C UB240* UB241* UB24205 UB2421 UB242 UB261* UB2012x UB2016L* UB2017L*
78LXX LM317L UC723 78LXXM 79LXX 78DXX 78MXX 78TXX LM317M 79DXX 78DXXA LM78XX 78TXXA LM317 LM317A LM79XX 79TXXA 78DXXL PC1031 L1127 UAC33092 UAC33092A UR6225 79DXXA URCZ1284 UM5237 78NXXUR132 UR133 UR133A UR233 LD1117 LD1117A LD2117 LD2117A UZ1086 LR18120 U587 UZ1085 UZ2085 U585 UZ1084 U584 LP2950/2951 L2949E LD1985 LD2985 LD3870 M2950 M2951 LM2954 LR478 LM2937 R1MX55 LR1116 LR1116B LR1118 LM2940 78RXX M29150A M29150B R070LD10 R200LD10 RXXLD10 RXXLD20 RXXLD30 UR533 LR1101 LR1102 L1131C L1913 LR1121B LR1122B L1183A L1183B L1923 LR2125 LR1106 LR1120 L1136 L1186 LR1107 LR1107E L1188 L1138 LR1108 L11810 L11815A L11815B L11830 LR3965 LR3966 LXXLD15 LXXLD20 LXXLD30 LXXLD50 LXXLD70 UT10XX UT71XX LR1012 UT7500 LR3XXYYB LR5966 LR6401 UR10033 UR13318 UR13325 UR15033 UC621XX L1152 LM5954 LMV358 LP5951 LR6XXYY LR1118 LR1122D LR1125 LXXLD70 LR8845 278RXX 378RXX