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Light in Motion
深圳市伟莱达电子有限公司 | Date:2019/6/27 | View:1147
Light in Motion



 Light in Motion designs, manufactures and supplies components used in photoelectric sensing applications.
At present, the company''s product series mainly includes: high performance, high reliability, metal sealed infrared LED and infrared receiver tube, photoelectric switch tube.
In addition to providing a range of standard products, we also provide customized solutions for our customers'' products.
Light in Motion of infrared electronic components products series is 2009 by Fairchild semiconductor giant companies in the United States (Fairchild), transfer of all raw materials, production process, quality control and reliability monitoring is still in use before Fairchild company standards, members of the company''s core technology is still the international first-class level engineers, components from the past to the Fairchild company still the subcontract production of manufacturing factory production, each subcontractors are skilled, the prestige is good.
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