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   ISOCOM anshu light has 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of optocoupler, and is an expert in the manufacturing of optocoupler in the UK.
Its products not only cover the common commercial and industrial high quality optical lotus root, but also provide other manufacturers have stopped production of optical lotus root products and customized services, providing customers with a one-stop full service.
The design, production, silk-screen printing, packaging, testing and inspection of all ISOCOM amdo products are sold worldwide after the completion of the British factory.
With its short delivery time (usually 1-2 weeks), rich product line, excellent product quality, competitive price and perfect after-sales service, ISOCOM anshu has become the first choice of optol products in the global manufacturing factories.
ISOCOM ANSI optical coupler products are fully compatible with AVAGO, TOSHIBA, FAIRCHILD, NEC, SHARP, VISHAY, etc., and can substitute Nippon and mimei brands.
Application: in power instrument, industrial control, frequency converter, electrical appliances, intelligent control and so on.

 ISOCOM 产品新目录 



4N25SMT&R 4N35SMT&R 6N136 6N137 CNY17-3X CNY17-3XSM CNY17-3XSMT&R CNY-7-3XSM
H11L2SM H21A1 H21A2 H21A3 H22A1 H22A2 H22A3 IS127 IS181 IS181GB IS281-4 IS281GB ISP844XSM
MOC3021G MOC3063S-TA1 MOC3083SM MOC8050 PS2505-1 TLP321-1 TLP521-1 TLP521-1GB TLP521-1SM
TLP521-2 TLP521-2GB TLP521-2SMT&R TLP521-4 TLP521-4GB TLP521-4GBSM TLP521-4SM TLP621-2 


 TLP521        TLP521-1  TLP521-1GB  TLP521-2  TLP521-2GB  TLP521-4  TLP521-4GB  TLP627  

  TLP621     TLP621-2  TLP621-4  TLP620  TLP621-2  TLP621-4GB  TLP620  TLP620-2  TLP620-4          
 MOC3063  MOC3063  MOC3063XSMT/R  MOC3083SM     
 MOCD217       CNY17-3XSM  CNY17-3  4N25  4N35  6N136  6N137  6N137SM  6N138  6N139 
 H11l1-H11L4           H11L1SM  H11L2SM   H11AA3XSMT                                                                                                                                           IS127          ICPL-3120SM  ICLP-3120   4N35SMT/R  4N25SMT/R 
 IS281-4          IS281   IS181GB IS181GR  

 ISP845  ISP815  ISP825   ISP845