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Ansemei semiconductor announced the addition of two new authorized dealer partners in Japan
ON Semiconductor announced that it has reached a new agency channel partnership agreement with two Japanese multinational e-commerce franchisees.
Ryosan Co., Ltd., and Macnica Inc. Have joined ansen's channel sales partners to help expand sales in Japan and drive growth in China and other asia-pacific regions.
Both companies have experience in supporting a wide range of electronic systems and components, with semiconductor devices a key focus.
Both new partners have been granted the right to sell all of ansemei's product lines in Japan and the asia-pacific region, but will focus on expanding sales in the automotive and industrial markets.
Ryosan Company, Limited has more than 60 years experience in the field of electronics.
This technology trading company is engaged in the sales of semiconductors, electronic components and electronic equipment.
Semiconductor is one of Ryosan's sales priorities and the company is expanding its technical support for electronic components and embedded devices to provide system solutions to its customers.
Ryosan is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has approximately 50 operational locations primarily in Japan and Asia.
In 2014 Ryosan set up a subsidiary company, RINNOVENT Co., Ltd.
Macnica, inc. has more than 40 years of experience in services and high-value products, including semiconductor components, electronic devices, networking equipment and software.
Macnica is a leading Japanese and international electrical and electronics manufacturer in the information and telecommunications industry.
The company has focused on providing technical support and has been expanding its global network with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia.
To support ansemei's development, the company has assigned Altima corp. to serve Japan, Macnica Hong Kong ltd. and Cytech Technology ltd. to serve China and Hong Kong, Galaxy Far East corp. to serve Taiwan, and Cytech Global Pte ltd. to serve asean and India.
Macnica was in charge of selling Aptina's Imaging Imaging products prior to the acquisition of Aptina, and will continue to do so for Aptina.
"We are very pleased to have Ryosan and Macnica become our new channel partners.
By leveraging their extensive business experience and technical expertise in electronics and semiconductors in Japan and throughout the Asia Pacific region, we expect these two new partners to help us accelerate our sales growth.
The two multinational franchises will serve customers, from creating demand to fulfilling orders."